Texas Counties Deliver

Keisha Sanders - Human Resources
Email: Keisha.Sanders@co.lee.tx.us
Office: 979-304-1934
Fax: 512-857-0446

Main Address:
200 South Main, Ste. 303, Giddings, TX. 78942

Physical Address: (Located in the Annex Building behind the Tax Office)
898 E. Richmond St., Giddings, TX. 78942, Ste # 303

All emails and faxes are filtered for security purposes, please ensure proper documents are sent, the County is not responsible for lost documents.

Please direct questions to H.R. regarding the following topics:

Job Openings, Employee County Insurance, Retirement, HIPPA, Workers Compensation, FMLA, Grievances, Wellness Program, Employee Training/Safety Meetings, Employee Manual, Employee Drug Testing for CDL Drivers, all other HR concerns.

(The following inquiries shall be directed to the County Treasurer for all payroll related questions or concerns such as W2’s, time accrued, budgets and paychecks)