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Welcome to the Lee County
Permitting, Subdivision, and 911 Addressing Department
Kayla Schnell, CFM

Special Assistant to the County Judge


Code Enforcement

911 Addressing


 Temporary Physical Address

Lee County Annex (behind the Tax Office)

  898 East Richmond, Ste 203 Giddings, TX 78942

Mailing Address

200 South Main, Ste 203 Giddings, TX 78942

Contact us at 979-212-8070 or permitting@co.lee.tx.us



Notice of Replat of Tract 1, Joyce Subdivision on CR 208 by Q & S REI, LLC



As of June 23, 2014 - Application for all development located in the unincorporated areas of Lee County must be submitted. This includes all Residential, Commercial, Oil/Gas Pipeline, and Water Development.
If you plan to construct a new home, modify an existing home, construct a new business, modify an existing business, move a home to a property or any other development you will need to complete a Development Permit Application. Submit the completed packet to the Code Enforcement Office.


9-1-1 Addressing

You must apply for a 9-1-1 Address for any new residence or business project before you can apply for any permits.

9-1-1 Address Request Form



Driveway/Entrance Permits


Driveway/Entrance Permit Requirements

Driveway/Entrance Permit Application

Private: $25 (Penalty for not obtaining a permit prior to installation $100)

Commercial: $150 (Penalty for not obtaining a permit prior to installation $500) 

**There is a $15 per foot fee for culvert installation**


Residential and Commercial Structure Permits


Development Application Guidelines
Development Permit Application

Residential Home Applications - $50

Residential Accessory Structure Applications - $25

Residential Add-On Applications - $10

Commercial Applications - $100

Penalty for not securing application - $250

Penalty (within floodplain) - $1,000


SUBDIVISON (ANY division of land) 

Subdivision Application

Subdivision & Development Regulations
Water Well Regulations 

Variance or Special Exception to Subdivision Regulations Application 

Interlocal Agreement - Subdivisions / Lexington (2018)

Interlocal Agreement - Subdivision / Giddings

Order - Requirement For Traffic Impact Analysis
Subdivision Application - Kurt Chew, L.L.C


Additional Commercial & Non-Profit Project Forms

Temporary Water Line Application: $1,000

Pipeline Public Road Crossing: $1,000 (commercial)/$25 (non-profit)

Waterline Bore Application

Routing and Road Use Agreement

Routing & Road Use Blanket Bond Agreement


Floodplain Information

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Floodplain Permit

Floodplain Map


Manufactured Home & RV Community Information

Manufactured Home Rental Community Regulations

Lodging and Recreational Vehicle Development Regulations

Order Amending Lee County Lodging and Recreational Vehicle Development Regulations


Any and all septic systems must be permitted.
Residential $425
Commercial $500

On-Site Sewage Facility Permit

List of Licensed Installers

If you are a licensed installer and would like to be added, please email your information to our office.